Taylor Farms Salads, SAYS thier Cobb salad has tomatoes, BUT,

Ocala, Florida 1 comment

I love Taylor Farms Cobb salads from my local grocer.They have chicken breast meat, bacon, blue cheese & dressing & a hard boiled egg.

Of course lettuce. They used to add 3 to 4 cherry tomatoes too. A week or two ago I noticed ONE tomato in the salad. I get it,the price of tomatoes has sky rocketed.

But, now there are NO tomatoes at all. The thing that ***' me off is, the PRICE IS THE SAME!! The label STILL says this product has tomatoes!

Lower the price, ad a tomato or two OR take the claim off the label!!!make a new label, save the old ones till you can start putting tomatoes back in the product.

Taylor farm saves & makes a profit, we pay.....Rick




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